Founded in 2013, by Adarsh Kumar & Chiranjit Dutta, Funtoosh Media Pvt Ltd has grown from being a ecommerce giant to one of the largest and most respected business groups in India. With its entrepreneurial spirit and passion to undertake business projects that are transformational in nature, Funtoosh Media Pvt Ltd has created world-class businesses in media sector, technology, & ecommerce.

Funtoosh Media Pvt Ltd started its technology services business by launching The Funtoosh news portal in Delhi (India) in 2013.The Funtoosh has been renamed as Bharat7 in future. Since then there has been no looking back and Funtoosh Media Pvt Ltd, the group’s flagship company, has emerged as one of the top independent media group in the world.

Funtoosh Media Pvt Ltd is operating 3 portals (Bharat7, Bharat7 Bihar/Jharkhand, Bharat7 Bangla).

Over the past few years, Funtoosh Media Pvt Ltd has diversified into technology areas in the fast expanding Indian economy. The group offers – Web designing & development, SEO services, UI/UX designing, to customers across India under brand name Picasso Multimedia. Funtoosh Media Pvt Ltd also serves customers through its fresh and processed foods business under brand name Cakepur. The group has growing interests in other areas such as mobile internet, real estate, training and capacity building, and distribution of telecom / IT products.

What sets Funtoosh Media Pvt Ltd apart from the rest is its ability to forge strong partnerships. Over the years some of biggest names in international business have partnered Funtoosh Media Pvt Ltd.

Funtoosh Media Pvt Ltd strongly believes in giving back to the society. Its philanthropic arm, the Funtoosh Media Pvt Ltd Foundation is reaching out to approx. 2,70,000 students, engaging over 12,000 teachers across 16 Indian states through its initiatives in the education sector. The Foundation is also involved in supporting sanitation and hygiene awareness initiative.